Platform Discussion Notes 1/8/07

ASED Executive Group Drafts Session Notes from 1/8/07

Present: Amy, Jan, Mary, David, Mike, Grant, Scott, Len, Katie

Agenda: Scott reviewed the 2007 Platform (outlined below) and suggested the group start the brainstorming discussions around Platform Plank #2, the assessment issue. Len then facilitated the discussion:

Alliance of State Employees w/ Disabilities

2007 Action Platform

  1. Develop our mentoring role by identifying and reaching out to as many current SOM employees with disabilities as possible.

  1. Become a stimulus for the SOM to explain what is currently being done to hire, retain and promote employees with disabilities and use that information to:

    1. assess strengths and opportunities
    2. develop recommendations for future directions for the SOM to take

  1. Sponsor a Second Annual ASED Conference, based on the above two themes.

Platform Plank Two: Become a stimulus . . .

A.  Background Thoughts

B. Issues or Areas that Need Attention

C. Action Outline

  1. Establish a Vision of what we want now and what we want next
  2. Use the Vision to create a ‘report card' or evaluation points
  3. Ask the First Gentleman to help us learn!
    1. Help us assess where we are relative to our Vision or evaluation points
    2. Perhaps build some evaluation into the 360 process (to allow protection for undisclosed)
    3. Perhaps have ADA Coordinators report out

D. Next Steps

  1. Work group of Jan, Scott, Grant, & Len will:
    1. Formalize the Vision or evaluation points
    2. Devise a strategy for engaging the First Gentlemen
  2. Work group will report back at the February meeting

In the frantic final minutes, the group also discussed:

Platform Plank Three: Annual Conference . . .

Platform Plank One: Mentoring . . .

Housekeeping . . .

The next ASED meeting will be the first full week of February, after work, and probably at Leroy's. Other details to follow!