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Michigan Alliance of State Employees with Disabilities

View the Governor's Proclamation making October 2010
State Employees with Disabilities Awareness Month


Alliance of State Employees with Disabilities
Real People; Real Life Experience
Making a difference in the lives of Co-Workers

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The Alliance intends to:

  • help the state protect it's equity in employees who acquire disabilities;
  • help the state maximize the productivity of state employees with disabilities; and
  • help state employees with disabilities reach their employment potential;


The Alliance, through its participants, will:

  • serve as a personal experience-based resource to state managers, reasonable accommodation coordinators, Civil Service, Office of the State Employer, and Management and Budget relative to the disability experience within the state workforce; and
  • serve as a mentor pool for state employees with disabilities, along the entire spectrum of the employment experience.


Making a difference in the lives of Co-Workers

Alliance of State Employees w/ Disabilities

Real People; Real Life Experience

Political correctness versus respecting diversity

Political correctness assumes there is a correct way of thinking or acting, and how one thinks or acts can be compared to that standard. These comparisons are usually absolute - you are either correct or wrong.

Respecting diversity assumes there are many ways of thinking and acting. so we are challenged to carefully and respectfully consider thoughts and actions in a context separate from "how different are they from how I think things should be."

In ASED, we reflect that there are as many ways to understand, live, and work with disabilities as there are different disabilities. Our goal is to provide people in state employment facing disability related experiences with as many options and perspectives as possible.

Real people with real life experiences respecting diversity - join in by:

  • by joining us at a future event,
  • by sharing a resource, or simply
  • by sending us an email!

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